Delightful Barbecues with Green Mountain Grills

Any barbecue or grilling enthusiast can tell you that food cooked over wood fire develops better flavors. While smokers and charcoal grills have been the traditional way to smoke or grill food, Green Mountain Grills offer an innovative solution with less mess, maintenance and increased ease of use. By incorporating pellet-burning technology into a grill, you can control the heat with greater precision without the need for splitting or lifting heavy chunks of wood. Since their debut, Green Mountain pellet grills have been changing the way everyone looks at grilling.

How Green Mountain Grills Work

  • A hopper on the side of the grill stores compressed hardwood pellets. These are composed of hardwood sawdust that has been placed under pressure.
  • A system feeds these pellets into the bottom of the grill.
  • An ignition rod provides the heat to light the pellets.
  • A computer system monitors airflow and temperature within the grill and adjusts the vents and pellet feed accordingly.
  • Venturi draft technology keeps the smoke moving and heat circulating for even cooking and creating a rich, smoky barbecue taste.

This means that getting your grill ready for use is as simple as pushing a button and setting the temperature. You no longer need to worry about the odorous igniter fluid, losing eyebrows to the explosion of lighting the grill or adjusting things on the grill when a breeze picks up or the temperature changes. The result of all this is a grill with consistent, reliable performance in a variety of environments.

Popular Green Mountain Grills For Sale

  • The Daniel Boone: With digital controls, a built-in meat probe, a spacious peaked-lid design and Sense-Mate thermal sensors, this pellet grill is ready for the next picnic, game day or family gathering. A fan-only mode makes clean out a breeze while the integrated Turbo mode cranks out the heat for quick start up on the coldest of days. With 432 square inches of grilling space and a 13.5-inch clearance inside, this is one of the Green Mountain grills that offer plenty of room for brisket, ribs, whole chickens, steaks and more.
  • The Jim Bowie: 600 square inches of grilling space makes it easy to keep the food flowing from this grill. This model includes all the features of the Daniel Boone with an added dome thermometer for accurate temperature monitoring at a glance. An optional remote monitoring system allows you to keep an eye on the grill from up to 100-feet away.

Testing of the Green Mountain grills technology showed a total consumption of just two pounds of pellets at a sustained temperature of over 500-degrees Fahrenheit. That is real grilling power. Most people will never crank up the temperature gauge that high. During typical usage, around 300 degrees, the grill consumes a scant one-pound of pellets per hour.

This means you can smoke or grill for over a day straight on just one bag of pellets with no reloading. This is something you just cannot do with most other natural gas grills. This is just one of the many reasons that Green Mountain Grills reviews are so positive.

The innovation that the Green Mountain grills provide is unsurpassable. Whether having cookout sessions with your buddies, or barbecuing with the whole family, this is the best grill you could ever get. No regrets.